????Молодой Стажер Влюбился В Свою Начальницу????????Trainee Seduced The Chief????PART 1????

Дата: 23.05.2020 18:29:42 Просмотров: 5191314 Длительность: 18:01

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????Молодой Стажер Влюбился В Свою Начальницу????????Trainee Seduced The Chief????PART 1????

???? Drama Name:" Find Yourself "????

????Дорама: " Первая любовь зрелой девушки"????

Музыка(Music)-1)Make Me Move ▪Nightcore

2)Please Don't Go ▪Nightcore

3)Give You The World ▪Nightcore


Успешная карьеристка (Виктория Сон) влюбляется в стажера, гораздо моложе нее (Сун Вэй Лун). Их отношения подвергаются резкой критике со стороны общественности из-за большой разницы в возрасте. Вскоре у героини возникают трудности на работе и в личной жизни. Именно в этот момент в ее жизни появляется уравновешенный и зрелый мужчина (Ван Яо Цин), который поможет ей преодолеть все препятствия на пути к цели.

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20.05.2020 08:23:43
this drama proofs that kadhalukku vayathiyilai , that boy is so handsome
Park Marwa
08.05.2020 10:33:55
He's litterly a mix of cha eun woo from astro and wonwoo from seventeen ????
Mariam Updates
07.05.2020 22:13:05
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Buse Kert
17.05.2020 04:12:18
The remote and side profile looks like Cha eun woo. But eun woo else ❤️
Gunay Esedova
05.05.2020 04:12:06
Cox gozeler ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Yara Khaled
17.05.2020 02:31:00
wow wow
mika _ chan mi
05.05.2020 18:15:58
Cho em hoi phim gi vay ad
Гулназ Умотова
09.05.2020 19:43:39
Sadhu Payal
06.05.2020 12:16:40
marc gestosani
07.05.2020 09:19:52
what the name of that boy he so handsome
Роза Кузибаева
18.05.2020 12:57:40
Как драма называется???
ana esteban
13.05.2020 00:55:56
Nightcore Lover Boys
23.05.2020 11:45:03
drama name .... find yourself
17.05.2020 16:22:14
Ana Beatriz
09.05.2020 00:09:27
amei essa musica
Dinara Shagyrbay
15.05.2020 19:30:54
14:23 так мило????
zilan katan
06.05.2020 05:02:39
Çocuk çok tatlı
Helvin Jhester
14.05.2020 15:27:41
i have to say this please watch the first 21 episodes and the skip to the 38 or 39 is for your own health... trust me
Vanessa Santos
07.05.2020 03:01:22
Qual é o nome da segunda musica ??
диана гараева
05.05.2020 20:05:36
مريم العذراء مريومة
19.05.2020 02:54:00
هل من عربي هناا ????
Cuti khan
09.05.2020 14:12:48
This song name plzzz???? Can anyone tell me the name of this song ???
Diullia Cristine
12.05.2020 04:45:58
Daria tudo para te conhecer i love
Maria Eduarda M.s.c .D
22.05.2020 21:23:52
eu já assisti essa série completa faz um tempinho amoo
Gitu Poon
14.05.2020 16:01:11
Love this drama lots it proofs that age is just a number ????
Naty Perez
10.05.2020 23:54:53
Meri Mae
15.05.2020 03:36:37
This lead guy has another new drama. Beautiful Reborn Flower. Wow i couldn't imagine he is famous. ???? Well honestly speaking he is handsome. ???? Now Im confused which one will I watch first, this or the Beautiful Reborn Flower. ????
جعفر الموسوسوي
08.05.2020 14:05:53
Sheila Mary Aungon Teves
13.05.2020 14:58:19
Their Chemistry is amazing????????Wishing for seasong 2 of this Cute Couple????????????
yael cosme
05.05.2020 15:21:27
Recomendado ????????????
Joselito Oliveira
08.05.2020 00:59:39
a onde eu posso assitir
08.05.2020 00:30:55
hotslut.ru 5:24
17.05.2020 19:38:27
Comments: Why can't we get this kind of romance in reality?Me: There's no such thing in reality ????‍♀????‍♀
Даяна Петренко
23.05.2020 14:47:34
Они будут вместе?
Neema Mbuya
09.05.2020 18:10:51
The video s are cute
Багз Банни
15.05.2020 01:57:50
Ну чо русские есть а )))
jana _ san980
08.05.2020 05:17:51
اذا اكو عرب خلي احد يقلي اسم المسلسل
Fatna El koufani
06.05.2020 15:26:05
???????????????????????????????????????????? Love
Rosi Matos
07.05.2020 17:07:40
muhammed miraç ülgen
07.05.2020 20:43:08
çok güzel ama sonu kötü bitmeseydi
Jewel John
18.05.2020 13:00:44
Alcyr Cruz
21.05.2020 09:27:44
Adorei ????????
Habiba Elshehawy
13.05.2020 13:01:54
13:55 was so ahhh it gave me ????????????
Mony Edriss
21.05.2020 05:59:23
اسم المسلسل ايه
funtech family
22.05.2020 18:15:32
What's the song name you used
esinho Gato
04.05.2020 19:44:21
Mariam Updates
07.05.2020 22:10:55
He is so cute... She is so funny and beautiful
Wanana Gangss
06.05.2020 14:08:47
Omg he looks like eunwoo .
phat hoang
05.05.2020 14:09:17
hay quaaaaaaaa
Xi Xi
07.05.2020 20:30:42
his face is perfect...he is sooo handsome in China
Kelly Zhang
08.05.2020 05:26:51
Oh wait!! it's Victoria Song! i used to love f(x) but sadly they all went their separate ways and our angel sulli went to heaven.
Елизавета Болдырева
08.05.2020 15:38:13
Так они будут вместе или как?! ????????????????
Isabelle Cardoso Costa
22.05.2020 05:11:17
Bom demais ❤❤❤
tamara barnes
12.05.2020 05:10:00
I want to marry him
Duyen Ngoc
05.05.2020 16:23:57
Phim gì day mọi người
14.05.2020 23:54:13
SERIOUSLY.... why can't we get this kind of romance in reality!!! dammit
Нигина Юлдашева
13.05.2020 15:36:42
Крутой клип
Hemanta Gurung
11.05.2020 11:50:46
What is the lyrics of this song
14.05.2020 08:11:23
Сколько ей лет и ему
Alice David
15.05.2020 20:35:30
Thanx for makeing the videos i cant say i watch all of them but what i whatched so far they were all good this last one was really good i watched the hole series on netflix thanx for the good ideas you put in your videos the scenes witch i can look forward to in the episodes and they are not mixed but timed like its telling the drama in a short video loving your style they should pay you for the marketing???????? thanx again